September 9, 2016

Of Young People and Suicide

What is it about some of these young people that they are so much obsessed about death, specifically personal death? More to the point, suicide.

I have not dealt with death within the family, but I have always thought about ‘what would happen when we die’. Sometimes I contemplate on, how I would feel on the moment of my death. This gives me fright on some lonely nights, but most of the time, I just ignore it all. After all, I do want certain things in life and I fought hard for it. So I'm not going to squander it all for a lousy death.
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Do I want my parents to feel the brunt of my death? No. Do I want my school to be in limelight for the wrong reasons? No. Do I want to traumatize my friends? No. And for many such reasons, and also for the fact that I am educated, I decided that suicide is bad.

But here we have young people, who seem to think that the petty issues that they are facing are the big ones in their lives. Or that they are the only ones who are facing such issues. They have not known real suffering, yet they assume that heartbreak reasons are enough for them to not want to live any more. They believe that the answer to life’s problem is death.

Their fragile mind cannot take these petty problems any more, so they give up on life. What can we do to help? Talk to them? Of course we can. We can do something more. We can love them. But if they are not willing to accept our love, what else do we do? If they are not willing to accept our help, what can we do?

We try. We keep on trying. And we don’t give up. Never. And we let them know that we won’t give up. If that doesn't work, we still try on.

After all, even a single life is worth saving.