September 10, 2016

Balancing Life

My life has been a mixture of Work and Leisure. Business and Pleasure. I cannot leave my office at the end of the day, and leave work. I have to take work home. So I think work is my only companion these days.

By work, I don’t mean paperwork, but the duties that I have to perform. Every time I glance out of my window, it is work related. Every short forays I make outside the door of my house is work related. Every telephonic conversation I make is work related. Every social media interaction that I make is work related. Do I work or does work work me? …a very profound question that I need to ask myself.

But I am not the sole one to feel this kind of issues. Everyone feels the same. No one can ever leave work at workplace by 5 pm. They will always have to carry it home, sometimes on weekends, sometimes on vacations. Such is the pressure of the 21st century.

So how do I balance it? I don’t. I simply go with the flow. If I rest, I rust. So I don’t. There’s no compromise that I can make, unless my employer gives me a long paid-vacation. Else I’m always on call.