September 8, 2016


“The heart of a volunteer never grows old”

I was introduced to Scouting by my eldest sister, as she was a trained scoutleader. She would take me to scouting programs and camps, where I observed and came in contact with youth in different activities. They were having fun.

Later on I became a scout of my own. But then, it was more of work work work and less of play. Still I worked. I remember going for cleaning campaigns along the roads, nearby forests, streams, parks. You name it, we cleaned it.
[Garpawoong 2010]
Then I became an adult leader, a scoutmaster myself. I found that Scouting is not always about cleaning campaigns. It is about character building. It is about volunteering. I became a life-long volunteer.

I started scouting programmes wherever I went. I even started community based scouting programmes, where I brought together like-minded adults to volunteer for a common cause. I believed that the community where I lives, was my community, even if I was not born there.

[Tsirang 2014]
So in conclusion, I believe that Scouting is volunteering your time and energy for a good cause. And I will always remain a lifelong scout.