February 7, 2008

Adventures in Paro (Part I)

I am new to Paro (because I have never been here before)…and my friend took me to Shari club…just three days after I reached here. Tshelam (a friend of mine, who stays here) took us; me and Kelly for an introductory visit. We went to her place for dinner after which we went to our home for preparation.
Anyway we went to the club and…wow…the music was fantastic, so were the ladies…. Kelly and Tshelam immediately jumped on the dance floor, and I was left alone. I took a seat and was sipping ‘fosters’ when I chanced upon someone, a girl, sitting beside me on a couch. I wanted to talk to her…I was alone and I could see…so was she.
“Aren’t you dancing??” I ventured.
“No…but my two sisters are…”. The tone was icy. What the hell! I thought. She thinks she is way over my league…Damn Parop!!....
I took a smoke and laid back…eyes closed…I could hear somebody come and talk…they were talking in sharchop. I opened my eyes and peered…it was that icy girl…damn…she is a sharchop. I didn’t even look at her anymore.
After a few tracks, Kelly came to rest and as he sat beside me he elbowed me, pointing at the girl.
“Sharchop” I mouthed and took to the floor with Tshelam. I was swaying to the beat of Akon, a cigarette in between my lips…when someone asked for a light. It was a girl…skimpily dressed. Wow…I gave her my cigarette. “Thanks”, and my cigarette was gone forever. I could see Tshelam laughing.
A friend of her appeared and she was whisked off. I went in search of Kelly.
He was deep in conversation with…icy girl….that was fast. I sat down next to him.
“Oh…this is Karkin…my friend…, and this is Tshering…from Thimphu”
“Hi…” I tried to smile but couldn’t.
“Why don’t you introduce us to your sisters?” Kelly started his policy…god…was he good….
Tshering left and returned shortly with her sisters…Tshewang and …Karma something. I don’t remember anything except that I didn’t let go of Tshewang’s hand. I don’t know why. A colleague, Pema invited her to dance and she returned to the floor with him. I was still on the couch.
Suddenly a fight broke out. Glasses smashed on the floor. The DJ put on the light, and the music stopped. We were wished good-night (should have been good morning).
Tshelam was nowhere to be seen (must have left with her friend) so we went home. The new friends declined our offer of a lift.
Then the phone calls started from Thimphu. Tshewang called or rather mis-called daily, and Kelly was obliged to return the call. B-Mobile must be very happy with Kelly.
One Sunday she invited Kelly to Thimphu.
(to be continued…)