March 5, 2008

DPT, PDP and politics..

Deothang-Samdrupjongkhar highway has become an enriching point for me. It was here that two drivers decided to enlighten me on their views on politics. lt was in the morning as l was going to the Dzong at Samdrupjongkhar that l came across the first one. He was a taxi driver, and l was unfortunate to be his passenger.

l saw posters of the DPT candidate on his dashboard, from which l deduced he was DPT. l knew it wouldn't be minutes before he started on politics. l was right…he started by asking about me, my profession, and my postal ballot. l was wary as l didn't want to be stranded in the middle of Deothang-Samdrupjongkhar highway. l lied to him that my postal ballot hadn't reached me…maybe some problem with the address. He bought it. Next he asked about my affiliation…"PDP or DPT?" l lied and said l was undecided. Then he started about his perspective on the revenue collections by the different dzongkhags( he worked in revenue & customs before he became a taxi driver). He said that Chukha dzongkhag was the highest contributor, seconded by Thimphu…his implication was that there is a profound difference in the developmental activities between eastern and western Bhutan. He said that DPT was going to make eastern Bhutan at par with western Bhutan.

The other driver, l met in the evening as l returned to deothang, turned out to be a  friend of my friend. He had a different plan to lure voters. He started by being religious, praising Zhabdrung and his lineage as the true spirits of modern Bhutan. His conclusion…the party present of PDP is a descendents of Talo lineage, so he will bring stability to Bhutan. That was breakfast and dinner of politics.