December 1, 2008

I Left my Heart at Yongla

It was on the 27th of November that I visited Yongla for the first time. I saw freshness with a bitter edge in its wind. I felt serene even among the many devotees who had come there to receive wang.

I was with Tenzin Thinley, Serious and Tashi Wangchuk. We were staying in Pemagatshel but had started towards Yongla at 4:30 am. We reached there just in time as the wangs by the numorous abbots were meted out.

I counted four lam netens and three trulkus along with numerous gelongs. Even the head abbot of Kanglung Shedra was there. Among all these hustle and bustle, I espied someone who captured my heart. I was drawn to the beautiful face, the silky hair, the innocent attire, and even the casual footwear that she was wearing. There was such attraction from me that I followed her among the crowd, for along fifteen minutes. But then, my friends cautioned me and I backed off.

Amazingly it was she who was coming nearer to me, as I later started to understand. She too was into me. But in the middle of the crowd, we couldn’t do anything save steal glances at each other. My eyes kept her in vision while I could see hers seeking me. Many times our eyes collided, and we would look away sharply. Secretly I was glad. I was glad that she returned my gaze. I was happy that she acknowledged my looking at her. She was my secret admire, as I was hers. Outside we were like any other devotee, coming here for the wang, while inside I was in love. I gave my heart to her. I didn’t want to know who she was, or what she did for a living, or whose daughter she was, or where she stayed. I was so lost that I didn’t care. All I wanted was to savor the moment…. the moment when I was in love with a complete stranger.

I didn’t want to ask who she was, or find out who she was… and lose the beauty of the moment. I didn’t want any of that. All I wanted was for that moment to last forever. It did. And that moment has become something to be cherished forever.