March 16, 2008

Hell hath Less Fury than a Dungpa Scorned

…or People tend to be irrational, under the influence of anger. The actions that they take, would at a later iime, be completely baseless and inhuman.

Rumour has it that nganglam dungpa ordered the arrest of two boy-students of high school, who had been unknowingly napping by the dusty roadside, as dasho dungpa escorted yangpoi lopen (or was it tshengyii lopen?) to DCP? Tshenkari location some 3-4 kms inland from nganglam. It is needless to say that high school is enroute to DCP.

The policemen arrested the naive boys. Guess the classes of the boys?? 9 or 10…and the age??16-19, not enough to be called matured.

Maybe dasho was conducting a citizen's arrest. But personally I think it was a bit over the mark. Imagine the psychological of these boys, who might have been enjoying a quiet afternoon seisita, on landing up in jail.

Can you arrest somebody for napping by the roadside and failing to wake up to the sound of BG-hilux? You can if you are a dungpa, especially the nganglam dungpa.