September 4, 2016

I have been waiting for one phone call

One day a new number will call on my cell phone, and a soft voice will ask “Where have been all these time?”

And I will reply… “Waiting for you…”

Then I will dust my black jacket and don it, and slip into my blue jeans. I will put on my brown army boots. I will put on my leather gloves and pack my grey backpack. I will pick up my motorcycle helmet from the corner and wipe the visor.

I will put on my dark goggles and wear the helmet, pulling the visor over my face. Picking up my backpack and unhooking the scarf from behind the door, I will lock the door to my cottage and throw away the keys. I will switch off my cell phone and throw away my SIM card.

I will kick-start my motorcycle and ride away… far away, never to return,… ever.

[During those motorcycle days of yester-years]

[Trying to go incognito]