September 3, 2016

I am still a Child

“Wake up Dawa! It’s time for school”. I hear my dad shout from the altar-room.  Lazily I open my eyes and turn towards the wall clock. A mixture of soft chants and incense follow my gaze. It’s 7:30 am.

Holy shit! I throw aside the blanket and jump off the bed, dashing towards the wash room.

“Put on your chappal ” Dad calls out.
Ya yaa” I reply and close the door. I brush my teeth in swift strokes, and splash water over my eyes. They seem puffy. Maybe from watching TV too late in the night. Hurriedly I wash my face and towel dry it, vigorously rubbing all over my head.

I step outside. My dad is coming from the kitchen. He has a cup of tea for me.

“Your eyes are puffy….again you slept late” he points out.
“A bit late…I suppose” I admit sheepishly.
He points at the wall clock, “See?... It’s already late. Dress up quickly”

After a quick dab of face cream and hair cream, I search for my stocking and shoes. Grabbing my gho off the hook behind the door, I dash in front of the dressing-mirror, and in a flick and a swish, I am done.

“Don’t forget your books” he points to my English textbook and novel ‘The Giver’ lying on the table. I hurriedly pack them inside my school bag, along with the pens. Everything else is already inside. I gulp my tea and dash towards the door.

“Dad…I'm going”. I hear the warning whistle from school. I’ve just five minutes to make it to school.
“Come home for lunch. I’ll cook something good” says dad.
Ya yaa” and I'm out of the door, walking briskly towards school

“Good morning sir” I am greeted with bows and smiles as I enter the school compound.
"Good morningggg....." I smile back.

Kuzuzangpo” I greet my colleagues. Some even offer me a slight chalem from afar.

I acknowledge their wishes and reach my office as the loud bell rings, heralding the start of the school day.

Vice Principal’ flashes the signboard above the door to my office.