August 12, 2015

With Love, From Jakar: Bear Season

Dear Wify,

The cold has started her journey through Bumthang, and the tap water has a chill to it. There are frequent power cuts, both during the day and at night.

Whenever I power on my desktop to so some work, the power goes off. So today I thought ‘why not write a letter to my wify?’

Did you know that it’s bear season in Bumthang? Every night the dogs howl like crazy. And my friends who reside nearby the campus are afraid to venture outside after dark. Because their homes are in the middle of orchards. And bears are attracted by the numerous fruiting trees. The bears come to raid the apples, plums and peaches. There was an isolated incident of a bear dragging off a calf a couple of weeks ago. Bear prints were seen right outside the farmhouse doors.

And you also know that there is a giant of an apple tree right outside my cottage. Some nights I imagine bears coming there to feast on the apples. But in the mornings I am proved wrong, because I can’t even see the bear prints (unless they come vaulting over the fence, from treetop to treetop.)

Another thing…dinnering alone is quite depressing. Breakfasts are never my thing, so a cup of tea or coffee suffices for it. Lunch is leftovers of the previous night’s dinner, or sub-standard meal from the nearby canteen. But dinner is always at home…lonely, unless I am eating out in town (due to gatherings). Sometimes beer or whisky accompanies post dinner, but usually it’s just me and TV.

And weekends! How I wish there weren’t any. I am bored to death during weekends, the only joy being offered by the ‘special’ lunch I cook for myself (never rice) on Sundays.

Well….its lunch hour now, and I GTG, but will write more next time.

With Love, From Jakar.