August 14, 2015

Crayon Years

Who doesn’t remember those crayon years?...those years in your primary school when your teacher introduced you to the wonderful world of colors? Remember when the sun was yellow, and the leaves green? And the sky blue? I certainly do remember the sea waves I was allowed to trace along the dotted lines, or the sunflower I was allowed to color.

Today after work when I reached home, I got hold of a box of crayons, some white paper and started doodling….coloring. Initially I colored a girl, then a palm tree. I tried flowers and even a landscape. 

But nothing came out good. Still I enjoyed it. Then I clumped the crayons into a bunch and started scribbling all over the paper. The colors took on a life of their own, and I had absolute fun.

At the end, I cut out the girl and pasted it on the beach with my palm tree. Then I cut out my multicolored flowers and pasted it alongside another flower.

Sometimes it is fun to just let go, and remember your childhood…all the fun you had with crayons...