April 17, 2015

Random Thoughts on a Lazy Morning

Why do I care? I seem to be too concerned about stuff happening around me. Sometimes I feel that I am too concerned. I crave discipline and an order to things around me, so if it doesn't happen as such, I certainly don’t feel up to it.

Is it necessary to have order to anything... or everything? Can’t it exist in chaos? I would like it to be so. An ordered life is better than a chaotic one. And being ordered, I can at least predict my next course of action.

But being too disciplined leaves little or no room for fun, because what’s life without fun? What’s life without enjoying it? No one has correctly predicted the ‘purpose’ of life, so if there isn't an end purpose, then making the journey enjoyable seems to be a good idea and the only logical one.

Sometimes I feel that I crave for an order that isn't possible. I feel that the discipline I desire isn't possible. What then? Have I failed? Do I give up? Should I give up?

I will try to the end. I would not give up, and I won’t ever quit the race. I will keep on trying in my own way. People say experience makes the man. But I say we can choose to make an experience out of ourselves.

We may not be able to predict the future, but we will learn from our past to be ready for any future. This is what makes us human.

[I feel I am a 'Random-Man']