April 14, 2015

Of me and my new Addiction...

This morning started like any other; woke up but didn't want to get out of bed. Instead browsed Facebook via my Tab, and uploaded my status. This got me thinking – I sleep with social media and wake up with it. Am I addicted? I want to update my status on Facebook, tweet something interesting on Twitter, want to upload pictures on Instagram, and even want to update my blog on Blogger.

Occasionally I am on WeChat, Messenger, Google+ and a few others. Do these control my life? No wonder, I don’t feel lonely, because there are always my online ‘friends’.

But are they really? They are just a face and a name; a picture and a status. Do I still consider them as friends? Should I consider them as friends? I think … because after all they are ‘online’ friends.

But then again, they are the ones who comment on my status and posts; some are ‘blunt’, while others ‘direct’. Yet they give me company when I am alone, and on the net. Their status updates brings laughter, sadness, tears…all the emotions that could possibly come out of me

So I entertain them with my blog posts and tweets, Facebook status and Instagram pictures.

[Image courtesy: www.newpacketproject.tumblr.com]