April 21, 2015

Football: To score or not to score…

Last Saturday I disappointed my fans and friends, when I didn't score any goal. They were expecting one from me, since in the previous veteran’s tournament I had scored a number of times. They were rooting for me, cheering me on, and I let them down.

The thing is, I believed football to be a team play, and I didn't play selfish. I dribbled the ball and passed on to my friend, to the striker whose mission is to score. I, being a winger, am just supposed to take the ball towards the opponents’ area and make for the striker to score.

Or so I believed.

Not anymore. A few of my friends encouraged me to attempt to score directly ‘sometimes’, not always pass. Anyways, I have a bigger role to play from this evening’s match onward. My fans expect more from me.

So if I don’t pass the ball to you, dear striker, do forgive me. I have to score. I want to score. My fans demand it. My friends want it. I want it for the team.