July 3, 2010

Trashigang JHS (1995-96)

The early morning whistle
Heralds not the sun
But the dreaded PT.
Whoever thought
Of such a thing?

Eyes puffed and sleepy
We run, lest we are late
And invite the coach's scorn –
The football ground is wet.
The dew wets our bums, as
We attempt at sit ups.

Jogging is another
Thing I hate.
I am in the front,
Being short, doing the rounds
Of PWD colony.

Out of breath, we reach
the TDSA hall.
The dogs give us
Company… snaps at me.
'Grrr..…'  what did I do
to you?

Back to the ground, and a few
Then we are free.

But are we really?
There's always
The whistle
Of tomorrow.