August 13, 2014

Lost and Found

Today an interesting incident happened to me.

It was forecast yesterday in BBS that there would be rain in my region, and indeed it was raining the whole night. Not the heavy stormy torrential type, but the drizzling occasional showering type. So early morning when I left home for school, I had taken an umbrella. I used it while taking my 3 minute walk to school, and also while supervising the morning social work.

During the morning assembly, the drizzling stopped and we had our ritualistic morning assembly in the courtyard (as always). But right after that, it started drizzling again and by the time the bell for the first period rang, it was raining. I had class-session (English subject) during the first period in class XI.

Now in Jakar, there are three building-blocks; one housing the Offices, one the junior classes of IX & X (my office is in the junior block) and the third housing the senior classes of XI and XII. And we have to cross the assembly courtyard to traverse from one to another. As it was drizzling, my umbrella was handy. I saw many of my colleagues without one, and dashing across the courtyard, ducking under the awnings, or again dashing along the footpath. I turned a blind eye to all and proudly walked in the rain. I was prepared. I was dry.

I was off during the second period, so I went to the general office for some work (official of course) where I had to spend some time signing the bills and some official documents. I left my umbrella downstairs on the veranda.

When I came out of the general office, it was raining. I reached downstairs, and … my umbrella had disappeared. I looked inside the downstairs staff room and also inside the toilets. It was gone. I was mad.

I ran in the rain, crossing the courtyard, and splashing through puddles and wetting my stockings, I reached my office. I was thoroughly wet. My hair was wet. Hair cream started dripping in to my eyes (and my eyes hurt). My bura gho was soaking at the shoulders. My maroon shoes were smudges of brown. I toweled myself dry (lucky that I have a hand towel in my office) and I cursed whoever had taken MY umbrella.
I should have thought of his idea.

Then the bell for the interval rang. I didn't go outside to check who had taken my umbrella. I knew that I would not say kind words to that person. Instead I waited until after the interval, when the rains stopped. Then I went to check, and sure enough, my umbrella was laid exactly in the same place where I had kept initially. I retook possession of it.

Then I shared the story of my ‘lost’ umbrella to some of my colleagues. They laughed, but I didn't think it was funny

Lesson learned: Never let your umbrella out of your sight on a rainy day.