August 27, 2007


Date: August 27, 2007
Dearie Dear,
The tests of love are not tolerable as the joys of yesterday manifests into the sorrows of today. Who are we, but actors in the play of God? He decides what to do and what not to do. He is the supreme one. So why worry? Why be sad? Why shed tears?
Yesterday’s meeting was an act of god. Today’s separation is also a test of god. But as the sands of time fall, tomorrow is ours.
The days pass swiftly on winged hooves, the hours fly; time stops not for you and me, yet the poor heart which beats for you is disturbed. My mind dwells on your thought, but your letters and your voice reaches me not.
Why? Have you bidden farewell to love and taken residence with your books? Or, are you waiting for mine?
Doesn’t the sun set over there? Doesn’t it bring fond memories of me? Or, have you forgotten that at this end, there is a lover waiting for your thoughts and feelings, in words and voices?
Lady luck doesn’t seem to favour us, and time is against us, but can’t we bend time and luck to our side? Show your power of love! Laugh, Smile, Enjoy, and keep this in mind that there is ‘me’ waiting for you.
Remember that I have already thought of us; . . . sometimes these thoughts are clouded by reason but are freshened by love. Call it what you will, but I call it Love. Call it any form, but I call it Pure.
Music is always there for me, but it has taken second place to you. My heart torments without anything from you and even music denies me solace. Write to me or better still pickup the phone when I call. It may sound lame but every time I call you, you are unreachable. Blame B-Mobile for it.
There are times when I visit the places where we used to go together. Memories of us bring pains of separation. I have given up on solitary walks because it brings heartaches. These remind me of you, and how you are separated from me.
I don’t want separation. I want love. I want to love. I want somebody called ‘you’ for myself. I even feel jealous when I have to share you with your friends.
Just because letters and calls between us are not regular doesn’t mean we are not together. Remember that there is no You and Me now, it is Us.
Do you remember all those troubles, risks and dangers we faced together? What gave Us the strength to pull it off? LOVE. What brought you and me – both from two different regions of our country – to this place? FATE. What must keep our fires of love burning, never to be extinguished? FAITH. Yes, that is what we must have in our love. If we have faith in Us, we can TRUST each other.
All I am asking from you is to trust me and these judgments that I make. Insignificant though it may seem to you, it is not, love. Everything is fair in love . . . you know the rest. Whatever propositions I make, the end result always includes Us – You and Me.
I Love You – I am repeating the same words that every lover has whispered to his love. I Love You.
Sometimes I want to throw caution to the wind. I want to do so many things, that I feel this loneliness may be affecting my nerves. But then your thoughts act as a balm and soothe me.
The many pleasures that I will myself to enjoy, are not complete without you. You might already have realized it, but still the same, I want to let you know. There is never a day when I don’t think of you, and sometimes timings are not appropriate. My heart commands me to climb up the highest hill and shout out your name . . . yes it does . . . but I dare not. I just want to whisper those magic words in your ears. I just want to touch your hair and your lips. I just want to feel your love.
I just want to hear your love.
Even if I don’t see you, it is all right, as long as you and me write to each other, and better still if I hear your voice.
Now that departure has been for too long, my heart yearns for you more, and more. Sleep eludes me, dreams elude me, and I feel so lonely.
I look around and I see everybody engrossed in their own world, and I realize that I am the only one with this kind of pain.
People ask my about my private life, and I don’t tell anybody anything because I don’t want to. I like the secret, the excitement, the joys . . . and I like your love.
The thunders and lightning brings memories of you. The raindrops splattering on the windowpanes remind me of you. During such moments I do not hold back my tears. I let it flow. I let it flow. There are times for joy, times for pain and times for remembrance. And I choose to remember you through these.
Include me in your prayers. Include me in your dreams. Paint your dreams with rainbows. Spray your dreams with flowers. Drape your dreams in Love. And include ME in your dreams. Include me.
Love me as I do you. Do not question m love. Trust me as I do. Let love flow freely between us. And wait for TOMORROW. Remember that the sacrifices and sufferings of today are just stepping stones for a brighter and beautiful tomorrow.
Bye for the moment.
I Love You.

Karma Kuenzang Wangdi