January 6, 2011

I Love You

The rain clouds do not visit Orong, the plains beckon them from the south and whenever it rains in Kanglung I get the feel of it in my veins, and my heart aches for you; every nerve center cries out in a need that only you can assuage! 
How I long to hold you in my arms and kiss you – only this deep silence knows, for it has shared the pain of my yearning and the agony of the endless hours spent pining for you. I love you with the strength of the last pulse through the veins, with my last cravings, my last breath! 
This sense of longing becomes all the more unbearable in the twilight hour as the hush spreads deeper and I walk the lonely, wayward paths through the wilderness, across the rugged mountain, with the chill bringing the warmth of your breath closer to me. The long night that awaits me on my return demands consummation; the desire, the wish, the ardour, the fantasy all roll into one as I undo the veils, one by one, and then clasp you with the ache on my hungry heart. 
Softly, undeniably, petal for petal, joy for joy I kiss you from head to toe; and devour the warmth with a silence that conceals my crying intensity, revealing only the unwavering, rock-hard strength that you build in me. A love pure and sublime and yet flowing like the torrents of the Morongri will ever remain between us. 
My dearest darling I so long to love you – over and over again; and such is the pain of love I have borne that you must promise that never will you refuse me, not once, not ever.