January 6, 2011

I am in the middle of the desert . . . . .

 . . . . and the nearest water well is a hundred miles to the west. The sun is burning my skin; it is peeling off in layers and the only sign of life here is the potted plant that I saw a while ago.

What am I supposed to do? This is the condition that I find myself these days. Sometimes the dream that I dream aren't the dreams that I used to dream but in the vast confusion of human life, I am beginning to dream a lot of different dreams.

Recently I was in the computer lab and something happened that I think worth to share with you. I was suddenly struck from behind. I knew it to be someone even before I had the time to get angry. But I turned around and there was no one there, save for myself and another friend of mine who was busy surfing the net a few computers up. I asked him did any one come into this room right now? No one had come. Then I got more confused. I thought he was pulling my leg but it was not the case. Then I was really afraid. Just like I was on the night of the storm, where I had thought that the doomsday was right here. So I said my prayers that night and then I had the most horrifying dream that I ever had.

I was in the middle of the desert and I was really, really thirsty. There was a bottle of water right in front of me but I never seem to catch it. God! I was suffering. I was torn like the pirates of the Black Pearl but I still had the determination that is quite typical n the movies. Soon I got hold of the bottle and opening it I put my mouth to the mouth and took a real long drag. My throat burned with the sand that had filled the bottle still I drank. Determination and luck, I do not know what was the thing but I soon came out of the hell and was walking the lovely gardens of Eden.

Thus ends a very horrifying dream.

I have been thinking lately that whatever I do during the day might be affecting my subconscious because if I really try very hard I can make my reality into dreams. I tried this little thought of mine and guess what? It doesn't work.

May be it would work on you . . . . .