January 31, 2009

First Crush...

That was in Khaling…we were a group; myself, Kelly and Ugyal. We were in class nine… the three of us. And like all teenagers…we were had our crush…we were in love (puppy love…I guess). Mine was a girl called Pemma in class eight.
I don’t know how, but I had got hold of her photo. My friends and me, we had pasted our girls’ photo in our room, along with ours; adding annotations-words of love, and decorations.
That was in Jigsher.
After Khaling, the three of us landed in PCE (then, NIE Paro), in pursuit of the teaching profession. There I got paired-up with my present wife.
After a year, Pemma also arrived in NIE. My friends; Kelly and Ugyal were still single and in pursuit of the opposite sex.
One day, Kelly came to me and asked me whether he was allowed to try his hand for Pemma.
 “Why are you asking me?” I was shocked, “Do you need to ask me?”
“Uh...because…she was your high-school crush…” was his reply. I laughed.
“Try…you will get her…” I encouraged him.
The next day he had sent his warm regards through Ugyal which was not turned down.
A week passed without any developments.
Then I was asked by Kelly to call her for a date. Me? I didn’t want to comply but he was my best buddy.
I went to her place (she was a day-student) and got to talking with her.
I was talking to my high-school crush for the first time in my life…boy…was I nervous. I passed on the message.
She didn’t want to come. I begged her to come.
She agreed on the condition that I also stay with them. I agreed and lied.
That was in NIE Paro.

Three years have passed. It is winter vacation; I am in Phuntsholing; it is evening and I am waiting in Moon-Lit for Ugyal and Kelly.
They arrive and we talk about old times.
Suddenly Ugyal asked Kelly where his wife was.
 “In the hotel room…”
Ugyal is laughing…and I am thinking…why is he laughing?...
Kelly is silent…looks embarrassed…can’t look me in the eye.
Ding…dong…it dawns on me…
I act modest and go to visit Pemma in her hotel room.

Now my only prayer is that Kelly not say anything about my crush on her, and all the things that I had written about her while we were in Khaling.