January 19, 2009

Evening Beauty

I was sitting on a bench near the Sherubtse gate with a friend. We had been to the computer lab to do some ‘internet research’, so we were tired  and resting, eating doma outside a shop when I saw something though the half-open shutters of the next shop. It was something dark.

The setting sun further distorted my eyesight, which was not helped by the unlit bulb in that shop.

My jaws silent, I squinted through the half-open shutters. I could see no better. I thought of sharing my (un)findings with my friend but he was deep in conversation with the shopkeeper of ‘our’ shop.

My curiosity being aroused I edged further on the bench and half-rising peered through the shutter. My eyes were reflected from another pair – a pair that belonged to a pretty face. The ‘something dark’ happened to be her hair; her long silky hair (which is certainly silky, I am sure). Instantly I withdrew but not before being smitten by her beauty.

Can it be possible? Could it be possible? Was I in love? Yet again?

I had no answers, but I needed something. So I waited for her to show herself, which she did as she pushed open the shutters. The sun shone again, through the window… and I fell in love.

Her eyes searched the surrounding, and lit upon me. She showed a shadow of smile, but that wasn’t needed because by then I already knew what she felt.

She withdrew her face from view, but the evening was already brightened.

[Note: I should go in search of her again, just for inspiration’s sake]