November 12, 2008

Assurance in Love

Dear love,

There are times when I look at you and I forget everything. Our love is strange; but not the first of its kind. Yet there is a certain fear… fear in loving you.

Nobody in their right mind would accept our love, our relationship, our ‘thing’ that is going on between us. My two best friends who know our story doesn’t know the whole truth. I am betraying their trust. We are betraying out truest friends and that is not fair on them. We are betraying everybody; friends, societies, loved ones, just for one thing – ‘our love’. So I am really sure that it would survive the tests of time.

There is always the future to think of. Tshewang and Jamie; they had their cultural difference to think about. But you and I, we have no prejudices, no nothing to come in between us… Everybody doubts, nobody knows, and everyone likes it. People are jealous, but I like it because they approve that our love is better than theirs, so that’s why they are jealous.

But we must not bow down to their wishes. We must not listen to their useless rumors. We must not give them areas for newer ones. We must be careful. The people who know and who care are the ones who love and, despair the quickest. We must be wary of them. We should be wary of everyone, including our friends of today, who can easily be the enemies of tomorrow.

Only then will our love stand the test of time, and only then will people praise our love. Only then will people realize that our love is PURE and TRUE.

So, you and I; we will join hands and prove the whole world wrong, that people can love and be separated, for a re-union later. We will also prove our type of love to be perfectly authentic, safe and wonderful.

Love you Always,