September 25, 2008

Of Fathers and Marriage

I haven't been to my village for the past three years. Its because I am afraid. Afraid of what my father would do. You see, he doesn't understand that it isn't mandatory for me to get married.

It all started in 2005 when I met my father in SJ. He was off to Guwahati and I had gone to SJ to meet him. We met in his hotel room and got to talking. After sometime he asked me whether I had a wife. He was grinning as he said that.

You see, I am the second-youngest in the family and recently I had got a job.
But I wasn't married so I said no.

"Well, I have the perfect girl for you. She just completed her ISC and is currently in Thimphu. Her father is a very good friend of mine."

I was shocked, because every one of my brothers and sisters had married of their own accord. No arranged marriage. And I didn't want to marry for the wrong reasons. I was young, just into a job and wanted to LIVE before settling down permanently.

So I said that I wouldn't come to visit him in the village until I had a wife. Because I know father can be persuasive.

Two years down the line my little sister married, but still wedding bells wouldn't ring for me.

Everyone has started questioning my motives. I don't know what to do.

At times I am lonely. All of my colleagues at work, including my juniors are married. But not me. Its just that I don't want to marry for the wrong reasons. I have my fellow Nopkins for comfort, for through their stories, through their feelings I feel.