May 1, 2015

What do I want on this Teachers Day?

Tomorrow is going to be the eleventh Teachers Day I have celebrated in my entire career. And I say this with pride, because I have crossed the first 10 years of my teaching career fruitfully.

I was posted in a Middle secondary school in 2005, a bright eyed, na├»ve kid who had just been thrown into the world of teaching. Even the three years of training and two schools of practice teaching had not adequately prepared me to uphold the many hats I had to wear. 

I just wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to teach formal classes. But then I had to become someone else too. I had to become a Warden, a Class Teacher, a House Master, a Club In-charge, a Furniture in-charge, an SMT member, a Scoutmaster, a Literary Coordinator, a Mess in-charge…and so many other responsibilities. Many a times, I found myself guessing the roles I must play. It was mostly ‘trial and error’ for me.

But in the four schools I served, I got opportunities to teach English from class levels IX to XI, including a year of teaching level VII English and Geography. I taught Geography in levels IX & X for five years. I even taught Computer Applications to classes IX & X.

But besides that I undertook the many ‘other’ responsibilities that were bestowed upon me by the school administration; responsibilities that took away most of the hours I could have put into actual teaching and preparing for it. 

Today reflecting back on this I want to say that I wish teachers are given the opportunity to only teach, and not undertake the other responsibilities. Maybe having other professionals to undertake these other duties will free the teachers to teach and prepare for teaching. So tomorrow on Teachers Day 2015, I wish for reduced ‘extra’ burdens to our fellow Bhutanese teachers.
[And I also wish a Happy Teachers' Day to all my teachers from my schooling years]