April 9, 2015

Future Past

[Source: intern3t.com]
I can feel the chill in my bones, as the rain increases from a drizzle into a torrent. My shoe gets wet and the tan turns dark red. Why is it raining this time of the year? The morning was bright, yet it gets cloudy in the evening. But my day is made brighter by the many conversations I had with Sonja in the anteroom of the kitchen. The warmth of the iron stove (bukhari) dispelled the cold of the outside.

Who would have thought that I would be discussing literature with a teacher from the US? This is what chance meetings brings….a platform for exchange and friendship.

The West meets the East. The Future meets the Past, here in Ogyen Choling. Ideas are exchanged. The future needs the past, as the past builds the future. The mighty oak needs the strong roots to stand tall as the winds of change shake it tremendously. The past protects the future.

So don’t forget the past. The past is who you were. The past is you.

[Lines written during a lull in the schedule on 25th March]