November 30, 2014

Hope is a thing with feathers (or blue petals)..

Today I went for a walk around Sherubling school campus. The oncoming cold had chased all of summer's beauty away, and all that was left were the withered, dried blades of grass that tried their best to relive their summer days.
I walked on, my eyes taking in the brown barren gardens, and contemplating the futility of life because everything will have to die at some point.
Then, I caught a sight that held me. A small blue flower was struggling to show itself from between the dried blades of grass.
I found renewed strength in the ‘will’ of a small blue flower, trying to hold itself up among all the dying landscape.
With hope bursting from my heart, I returned to my room, took out my trusted notebook and pen, and started writing the above lines.
(There is always a sun hiding behind the dark clouds)