November 5, 2014

A Birthday Hug!

What do I wish for my birthday this year? A hug would do fine.

As I turn 31 today, I sit back and ponder…think about all those years spent teaching, studying ….and growing up. All these years have made me who I am at present. Sitting on this chair, with my fingers gliding over the keyboard and thinking of those “good ‘ol days” certainly brings a smile on my face. But there were some dark moments in my life, which I have chosen to forget. So today I reflect on my chosen profession and my path to it.

I reflect back on those past ten years in my teaching profession, and I smile. I was only 22 when I was placed in Nganglam high school as an English and Geography teacher. Fresh out of college with a degree under my belt and 6 months of apprentice teaching, I joined those hoards of nation-builders as we were dubbed. I was young naïve and full of energy, some of which I dispelled in ‘wrong’ doings but at the end of the day, I did ok. Transferring me to Orong in 2008 was another giant step in my life. There, in 2010, I met a girl named Sonam whom I married. Adding a few qualifications to my collection, I was transferred to Gaselo in Wangdue in 2013. I stayed there for a year and was sent here to Jakar as an administrator.

And before those ten years I was a student for thirteen years, starting my pre-primary in 1988 from a school in southern Bhutan, then Lamidara Jr. high school, now Mendrelgang LSS.  From there, I studied in Changangkha for six months after the (in)famous ‘stint’ of 1990s, and later in Eastern Bhutan, after my father, a dzongkhag language teacher was ‘relocated’ to Kanglung primary school. Kanglung, Trashigang and Khaling were the places where I ‘grew up’; in boarding schools in the latter two places. I completed my class 12 in a private school in Thimphu during the Y2K era.

Growing up in southern Bhutan, my earliest memories are of rice field terraces and broad leaves. I was in the midst of the Lhotsham culture which I ingested. Then studying in eastern Bhutan brought me in contact with the Sharchop culture. I also came became accustomed to ‘freedom’ brought by studying in a boarding school. In this entire time, I realized that I had a passion for reading, which was supported by my father and sisters. Then while training to become a teacher, I started writing ‘stuff’ and discovered my other passion. Along the way I also met and made wonderful friends, all of who are ever present in my heart.

Now 31 years down the path, on my birthday I realize, I want nothing more. I am content. I travelled. I studied. I taught. I wrote. I read. I made friends. So on this day, as a birthday gift, a hug would suffice!
[So I wish myself a 'happy' birthday!]