September 16, 2014

of Me and Social Media…

I am an ardent fan of social media. I use it. I (ab)use it sometimes. I sleep with Facebook, Twitter, Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram…and many more. I wake up with them. I even maintain this blog on blogger.

Through them I was able to connect with long lost friends, far-off relatives, and nearby colleagues. My students have found me through them, and we are connected through them. I have also made new friends…friends with whom I share the same passion, writing. My lonely life is made vibrant by these strangers (?) that keep me company. I get news faster and unbiased (?) through them rather than waiting for kuensel online or BBS to upload their version.

I am able to connect directly with my ‘bosses’ in headquarters and distant offices. By creating Facebook pages and groups, I am able to share with like-minded people. By maintaining this blog, I am able to put my thoughts and feelings into words. Via Instagram, I am able to put my passion in photography and give a trial at amateur photography.

My posts are public. My profile is public. And my views are my own. My opinions are my own, with no intention of hurt to anybody. So sometimes, when we pass comments, people assume we judge them. I don’t judge you. So, don’t judge me by the comments I make.