August 28, 2014

Inspiration comes in un-intended moments

During the Central and Southern Regional Camp for Scouts at Damphu HSS in December 2013, I had volunteered my services. I was put in Base 5 “Building Tower”of Patrol Race where I had to provide 50 small bamboo sticks and rubber bands to each patrol when they arrived at my base and they had to build a tower.

[Pema Wangchuk Sir]
One day as I was in my base waiting for the next patrol of scouts to arrive, I saw Mr. Pema Wangchuk, Chief Program Commissioner, escorting a patrol of scouts to my base. They reached my base and I gave the activity to them. Then he and I sat there observing the kids and talking.

“See these kids? They are learning to cooperate and work with each other. From amongst them there will be one who will lead the activity. He may not know it but he is actually learning leadership through play. He will be a future leader of Bhutan”. I could see the passion in his eyes and hear the love and concern he shared for youth.

I was touched. No wonder all the scout leaders and scouts love him. With a fatherly touch to his words, he is truly an inspiration to all scouts and leaders in Bhutan.

[Scouts building a tower]