August 30, 2014

Cello Gripper...

I have a notebook where I jot down ‘everything’, from my thoughts when I am lonely, to opinions that I don’t share with my colleagues, to reminders to myself, to official documentation regarding my job. Actually it is an old unused ‘diary’ which surfaced at the beginning of this year as I was cleaning out my closet, and as the quality seemed good, I decided to use it.

I carry this book with me everywhere; to office and back to home; everyday of the week. And to write in it, I have to use any pen at hand; Parker pen, Pilot pen, Cello gripper ball pen, Mitsubishi ball pen, pencil and occasionally even marker pens.

But I have come to realize that when I am writing with cello gripper, the thoughts seem to flow freely. When I first noticed it, I didn't believe it. So I tried it out and it was true.  Even the Mitsubishi ball pen didn't come at par with cello gripper.

I flipped back the pages and found evidence in my scribbling. Almost all of the ‘thoughts’ that I had scribbled were by using the cello gripper ball point pen. Thus for me my trusted pen would be cello gripper.