April 14, 2014

Pre-departure Thoughts...

These days there is a sure chance that my wife maybe called to YHS as there is a shortage of Commerce teachers there. And I am very happy for her
She got placed in a LSS here and has been unhappy ever since.
But the thing is, I have to stay here alone...for which I have no problems. I have stayed alone before, and sometimes a little "away time" from wife is also healthy for a relationship.

Now the thing that I am Unhappy about is the bickering of her friends, who seem to "advise" her on leaving me alone here in Jakar. Their thoughts seem that I will become “naughty”...as if I am a little child.
I was certainly hurt by these. I am a man (boy) and I do have my vices but I love my wife (even though she can be damn irritating sometimes) I LOVE HER. And I look out for her happiness; have been doing so for the last three years.
And sometimes we have our arguments...sometimes my drinking gets on her nerves. And sometimes, she gets on mine too.  But I have adjusted my lifestyle to suit hers.

[Druk Air taxis off carrying my wife on her journey to Paro from Bumthang]