January 18, 2013

‘Other’ Ways to Write Assignments

The most tedious task in any premier institution is to write assignments. Doing it not only gives headaches, but also take up precious time which can be used in pursuing other worthwhile activities like dating, partying and gossiping. Keeping this objective in mind, the following strategies can be used to write assignments and submit them in time, and still have sufficient leisure time for other ‘co-curricular’ activities.

The first strategy is to volunteer to be the Class Representative (CR). CRs are usually supposed to collect the assignments for submission to the tutor. Always make sure to collect on the morning of the submission day, thereby having plenty of time in hand to copy. One can compile the ideas from the others’ assignments in the pile or use the best from the many. There is always a guarantee of obtaining 85% marks and above in such endeavors.

Or one can always go for the ‘Master Copy’. Master copies are those past assignments that have already been evaluated by the tutor and returned to the student, or left piled up in the tutor’s cubicle. Since the marks are already reflected, one can always choose the best ‘Master Copy’ to plagiarize and submit as one’s own. In this strategy there is less chance of the tutor knowing since the master copies are of the previous years. Care should be given to check the facts and dates in the assignments to make sure they don’t give away the scam.

The third and easiest method is to ‘buy’ the assignments. There is always someone in need of money to finance their leisure activities and they are ready to write the assignments for a nominal fee. One only needs to be discrete. If the other party can keep the secret, this method guarantees a steady flow of assignments, but one also need to have the cash to handle such transactions. Sometimes instead of cash, personal favors can also come in play. The only thing to remember when using such strategies is to keep the whole setup under wraps.

Since the aim here is to write the assignments necessary to complete the module, there should not be any glitches in the copying-writing process. These three methods guarantee that one can enjoy ones leisure hours in any way possible and still submit the assignments on time. These time-tested methods have proved their worth across many tertiary institutions in the country, and will for times to come unless someone comes up with a better way to beat the system. Thus, using any of the above-mentioned strategies, one can not only write and submit the assignments in time, but also excel in some.

[This was just written in jest... ]