June 1, 2012

Behold the Raven! She rests atop the crown

Thou Raven; symbol of rarity
And wisdom, beauty and grace.

Thou bear the burden of Drukyul,
Along with her peace and prosperity.
Thou rest upon the crest of the crown,
That bears the mark of the Wangchuck dynasty.

Thou breed brave leaders, and selfless too,
Thou bears the mark of nobility.
Thine wings reach every corner of Drukyul,
Thy visions see her future,…our future.

Thine claws forgive the guilty,
Show compassion, so they change.
Thine claws also protect the innocent;
Bravery and strength combined.
Thy tail-feathers guide progress,
So that GNH is never away from us.

So, Drukyul, behold the Raven!
And the crown where-upon she sits.
And, behold too, the brow upon which
Sits the crown,
For it belongs to our People’s King.