December 28, 2010

Confessions of a Lover

This feeling that I have… is reminiscent of what I felt years ago. There is this hollow in my chest… as if something is missing from me. What is it? And why is it there?
I have found out something else about myself. Something that has been dormant in me for so long. I know that this feeling has come to stay.
Crows Zero has given me ‘I wanna change’… which I like because this song best describes me.  I want to change. I no longer want to remain the same KK that I have been for many years. I want to change. I want to be different.
Am I doing it for myself? Am I doing it for others?
People say that the heart has a language of its own… that it listens to no one.
My chest is a black hole… a vortex which threatens to swallow my whole existence. There is pain. There is huge pain.
Thus whisky is the only salvation. But there is no escape from this pain. Whisky just lessens its impact.
This reminds me of Whisky Lullaby … the song that has captured my heart.
This feeling is still love… why won’t it go away?
Mysore beckons me… should I respond?

The sun has burst the sky…because I Love You…