January 6, 2010

Trucker's Wisdom

Once I was at a road block above Deothang where road-widening is taking place. I was late by 45 minutes so I had to wait for the next opening. Many vehicles were already lined up, including some Gypsum trucks. Some truckers were talking to while away the long wait. I went and joined their circle… listening to their conversations… and needless to say it centered on woman.

“I would f__k any kind of woman… even if it is a grandmother” one was saying as I joined the circle.

“I know… you look the grandmother f__king kind” another replied, “but me… I like them young.”

“For me… I will f__k only those more beautiful than wife” a third commented. The others sniggered.

“Come on… why not? We marry our wives because they are the most beautiful person in our eyes. So if I would really want to go after another woman, it would have to be someone more beautiful than my wife… so that I wouldn't have to regret if I have to pay compensation to my wife. At least I will have someone more beautiful than her” he justified.

We laughed. But I wondered… could it be true? I may not know for now but when I tie the knot… maybe I these words will show their wisdom to me.