April 29, 2009

Tandoori Night

That was the night when we had our first informal gathering in my home. There were Bejs, Kinchuks, SB, RWangdi and Wandi. Then there were also Pokchi and Dolly, two female bachelorettes who had joined in our office recently. Bejs and I were bachelors so we had no qualms about having such gathering in our homes, and today’s ad hoc session was in mine.

We had been to a dinner session somewhere and we were returning home, and since the dinner had been dry we were all thirsty. So I suggested we have a drinking session at my place. I had brought some stocks for such occasion. They readily agreed so we went to my place. At around 8:30pm we reached my place. We started with the drinks as soon as we reached there. The two females and Wandi were having SPY while SB was into 11000. The rest of us opened a bottle of Highland. We joked, drank, talked, laughed… in a sense it was a pretty good gathering. Then the drinks started getting in our systems. The SPYs were fast disappearing from our stock, so were the 11000s. But we still had two unopened bottled of tie-wala.

Soon the jokes started turning vulgar with Kinchuks contributing a major share. The two ladies were not the ones to give up as they too had their share of dirty-jokes. There were jokes, like that of hum-jaiga running after a DCM full of his maal, or of J-guto not being written properly.

Then I put on the music, starting with Himesh’s Tandoori Night. We pushed the tables and chairs to the side and started our dancing session. Music followed by music, fueled with drinks… with Bejs shouting his lungs off. Wandi left. Pokchi and Dolly were invited to dance again and again, and there were laughter and fun. Mobile cameras came into work, with some making videos. We were enjoying our ass off, unconcerned of what our neighbors might think.

Suddenly there was an urgent knock on the door. It was DS, my neighbor who had come to check on what was happening. He said the time was 1am, and it was. We were of the thought that it might be around 10. We decided to stop, because most of us couldn’t even open our eyes properly.

SB promptly went home and so did RWangdi. Bejs was in the toilet, his pants around his ankles. He had puked all over the floor and he was bowed down over the seat. I pulled the door from the outside and let him be.

Kinchuks and I opened the last bottle of tie-wala of the night and helped ourselves. We smoked while the two females busied themselves in front of the computer, surfing through my music collection. Then Kinchuks wife called on his cell because RWangdi had reached home and he was not with him. They are neighbors. He left.

Now, there was me and Bejs, and the two of them. Bejs was out in the toilet while I myself was nearly out. I offered to reach the two ladies home (they were staying at Bejs’ place temporarily), but they declined. They were afraid, so they said they would sleep here, if I didn’t mind. Why would I mind? I gave them mecha, they wanted to sleep in the sitting-room. Then I went to check on Bejs. He mumbled something about Pokchi and Dolly… I said they were fine. I went back to my drinking and I was just lighting a smoke when Pokchi asked for one. I was shocked. I thought they were only into light drinks… but Pokchi smoked too. “Don’t tell my brother… he’ll kill me”. Her brother and I had been mates in Jigsher.

I was too out to care. I passed out on the sofa.

I felt uncomfortable and woke up sometime in the night. I had a blanket thrown over me. On the floor were Pokchi and Dolly. I remembered and went to check on Bejs… he was occupying my bed. I came back and slept on the sofa.

I had a splitting headache in the morning. The time was 10am, and I was thirsty like hell. Bejs was still asleep, while the two ladies were not there. They had already left.

Luckily it was Sunday, so I had a drink of water and went back to sleep. I woke up later at 2pm.