My Journey

I used to read a lot. My earliest memories are of my Apa buying comics for me even when I was in second grade. Then when I was in my primary level at Kanglung, the library was my favorite place in the school. My English teacher (an expatriate Madam) used to award books as prizes for her subject toppers and I remember receiving one every term. I was introduced to classics by her.

There was a shopkeeper’s daughter (whom I used to call Ana Kezang), who would loan me books from her collections. She introduced me to photo-magazines. Also my neighbor who used to work in the local college, would loan me books. He was the one who introduced me to Shoba De.

Then coming to my junior high school in Trashigang, there too I was friends with the librarian who used to loan me extra books, and sometimes even during vacations. Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew were my favorite pastimes, and I am glad to say that I read almost all of their series of that time ( and it was a huge number)

Going to Jigsher, I came into contact with the real world. The library there was also my favorite place, but we were restricted entry inside. We had to write the name of the book from a list pasted on the walls, and the books would be delivered to the counter. Oh! How I missed flipping the colorful covers. How I missed the ‘choosing’ process.

I missed reading when I was in junior college…as I decided to concentrate more on academics. It was a huge mistake. I restarted my reading frenzy when I got into Samtse College.

From there I came in contact with computers for the first time, and I was fascinated. I started my own blog at (which seems really raw now), but it was a trial and error situation. But I kept on scribbling on books, so when I got a job in 2005, I still kept on writing stuff.

I was shy and didn't want my writings to be seen by anyone. I kept it hidden in my books. Then in 2008, I came across, and I started contributing there. I was a regular contributor, and even featured in the top 20 writers (I still am). I also wrote a few articles for but later gave up. Then I decided to start my own blog, so I started this blog.

That’s my journey to blogging.

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