April 15, 2015

So, Today I write about my Wify...

My wife is pissed off at me. She complains that I rarely write about her. She assumes that ‘she’ is not important in my life. What can I say to that? It is true I have refrained from writing about her. I make passing reference to her, but I rarely actually write about her.

So today I thought I would write about her. But before writing anything, let me offer prayers to the Gods to save me and apologies to her, in case I write something that does not appeal to her.

Her name is Sonam Wangmo and she is a teacher in Thimphu, while I work here in Bumthang. This past year we have been living apart, due to work-related complications. It being like that since she is specialized in Business Studies and I am an administrator, we weren't able to get placed in the same school. So we aren't together (for the time being).
[Beauty and the Beast, choose your own order...lol]
And being apart has its own complications; this naive mind tends to stray off, and the ‘freedom’ demands exploitation, which I tend to do lesser. Still here we are, a wife and a husband, separated by distance. But still we are connected by social media, and I always tend to Tweet frequently, update my Facebook status, and upload photos on Instagram. All so that she would know what I am doing, and keep track of my activities.

But…is it enough? Is it enough?